TYRANNY - From The Ashes

|E3 Gameplay reveal|

Client: Paradox Interactive, OBSIDIAN Entertainment

(OBSIDIAN Ent. are the creators of the game)

Production: ISTUDIOS Visuals

Project: E3 Expo Gameplay Reavel for the game Tyranny

A Gameplay reveal trailer for E3 Expo that I worked on with ISTUDIOS Visuals.

This project was one of the bigger one for us at ISTUDIOS, for it was going to be shown at E3 Expo which millions of people watch, which we thought was very exciting. 

In this trailer I have the job to storyboard and create a draft for the artwork and to adopt the look that OBSIDIAN Ent. wanted for the artwork. Later in the production I illustrated most the artwork and also animated the 2D paperless FX animation that is in the trailer. In the Illustration part of the pipeline, me and my college that was doing the artwork was switching the artwork between us so we would get the best of both worlds from us. In this case I was doing most of the ground work and line art while he was doing most of the rendering of the characters and objects in the scenes. 

In the end, the project was extremely stressful and had long nights at the studio. The reason was due to the trailer Heart of Iron IV - "Soviet Struggle" was done right before and we had one month on completing the trailer together with lots of other projects at the time. Plus we had to contact with OBSIDIAN Ent. which we had contact through Paradox for most of the time, which created problems when it came to the artwork and if it was as OBSIDIAN Ent. wanted it to look.

But we where all happy in the end with the result.




Storyboarding & Illustration