Stellaris - Utopia  |Reveal Teaser|

Client: Paradox Interactive


Project: Reveal teaser for a DLC called Utopia for the game Stellaris

This was a two week project that I worked on with ISTUDIOS Visuals.

This project was one of the smaller Teasers/ trailers that I have worked on so far at ISTUDIOS. For this project I did the thumbnails and draft on how the environment should have looked like. After some quick feedback I started to work on the one that was the most interesting out of them all and made it into a larger concept. Blocked it out and later sent of to my college that put the type of look on it. After that I got it back and finished the paint over and made it look and feel the way we all wanted it to.

We received great feedback from Paradox Interactive on how it felt and the way it looked. And in all, a fun small one artwork project that turned out just the way we wanted.



Storyboarding & Illustration