Cheery's Adventure 

Cheery's Adventure is about, well, Cheery living alone in on a world that was used to be known as Earth. But something called The Great Lullaby changed the nature of all living things. Cheery being one of the few humans still alive, without knowing if there even is any humans left alive, is left to survive alone in this new and hostile world. 

This is one my Vancouver Film School graduation short film done traditionally. Was later scanned and taken into ToonBoom Harmony. There the animation was cleaned up and composed with effects and background art into a film, one scene at a time. Then it was rendered out into separate files and finished in After Effects.

Cheery's Adventure began as any short films, multiple short storyboards and draft of the world I wanted it to play out in. After lots of feedback and lots of more storyboards this  short film was born.

It was from the beginning to be a story without a story in the first place. I wanted the people to think for themselves when they watch this film to try understand what type of world this is that Cheery lives in. I wanted them to ask themselves what place is this? What happen here? Who is this girl? and many more. Because when you watch a film its your intake of the film that makes your impression of it. Was it good, bad? well, we all think differently, we all feel differently and I wanted to emphasize and encourage that.

Now I don't know what people think of this film, it could be good it could be bad, but nevertheless I'm proud of it. 


Direction & Animation

Johannes Othen